NOTE: You must have a Steam account in order to redeem your purchased products!

If you don't have a Steam account, you can create it here

Steam gift is way of sending a digital product as a gift on Steam platform.

After accepting a gift, it will be installed the same way as a normal key on Steam. More details

1. Copy the code which you received by e-mail after purchase:

2. Press on instruction link:

3. Press on our Steam bot profile link:

4. Add it to friends (your friend request will be accepted instantly):

5. Press "Send a Message" to open chat window with bot:

6. In chat window write: "!redeem (paste code from e-mail)"

7. Go to Steam notifications and check your gift section:

8. Press to accept gift from our Steam bot:

9. Go to "Games" ---> "View Games Library" ---> Find the game you just purchased

10. Download it, install it and enjoy!